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Cristiano Ronaldo is eternal

Another step to becoming a legend is what Cristiano Ronaldo achieved in Cardiff. 
The world of football is unanimous in recognising the Real Madrid player as the best player on the planet and the best candidate to become, once again, the Ballon d'Or. 
"Eternal," "Real genius" or "the fifth is on its way" was how the international press referred to his performance. 
"There is no debate," said Sir Alex Ferguson, who was in charge of giving him the MVP trophy for the final. 
"A lesson in leadership and effectiveness in the face of goals," said UEFA media, who are preparing to crown the best player, best striker and top scorer in the Champions League in late August. 
The latter award is the fifth time he has won it consecutively. 
"I'm a young man," Cristiano Ronaldo said in the mixed zone of the stadium, delighted with his season. 
"I think my season has been very good and that I deserve this Champions League and the trophy of top scorer. 
"I'm very happy with the two goals I scored in the final." 
Time has shown that the special plan that Ronaldo followed throughout the season has worked wonderfully and has been decisive for the Portuguese when it comes to deciding the titles.
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